Snow White Huntsman

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Snow White Huntsman

Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Snow White & the Huntsman von Rupert Sanders, Charlize Theron, Bob Hoskins, Kristen Stewart, Chris. Preisvergleich für Snow White and the Huntsman ✓ Produktinfo ⇒ Erscheinungsjahr: • Regie: Rupert Sanders • Darsteller: Kristen Stewart, Chris. Snow White and the Huntsman: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew.

Snow White & The Huntsman: Kritiken

37 Userkritiken zum Film Snow White & The Huntsman von Rupert Sanders mit Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron - Die neiderfüllte, böse Königin Ravenna beauftragt einen Jäger, ihre entflohene Stieftochter Snow White zu finden und zu ihr zu bringen, damit sie ihr Herz verzehren kann. Doch der Jäger wird zum Beschützer und Verbündeten der schönen Prinzessin. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Snow White & the Huntsman von Rupert Sanders, Charlize Theron, Bob Hoskins, Kristen Stewart, Chris.

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Snow White Huntsman

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Red Riding Hood - Unter dem Wolfsmond. 12/14/ · Where is Snow White and the Huntsman filmed?. According to a report by Atlas of Wonders, the fantasy film was majorly shot in the UK, and the second part of the movie was also filmed there. The Bourne Woods, on the outskirts of London, has been used as a location for the filming of the movie, and many films, television series, as well as music videos, have also been shot there. English Choose a language for shopping. Le Mans Gegen jede Chance DVD. Overall, the story is okay, and the film is nice entertainment for the family on Das Wilde Leben Stream rainy afternoon. Eine Schlacht entbrennt in der Burg, The Fall Sarah Beattie Snow White nach Ravenna sucht.

Snow White and the Huntsman released back in and belongs to the fantasy genre. The film was directed by the first-time director Rupert Sanders and had an ensemble cast including Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Bob Hoskins, Chris Hemsworth among others.

Read on to know about Snow White and the Huntsman filming location. Details About The Filming Locations. Emma and Graham share a kiss that completely lifts the effects of the Dark Curse on him, restoring his memory as the Huntsman.

Before he can make the revelation to Emma, the Mayor crushes the duplicate heart and kills him instantly. It's revealed that the huntsman is the First King 's great-uncle's servant.

He later appears to tell the queen that Snow White almost killed herself since she was riding his horse. It's also revealed that, when the Magic Mirror told the Queen the pig-heart trick, the Queen killed him with her belt while he was leading his horse out of the stable.

Television: A Poem Is Games Movies TV Video Wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki. This wiki. One could also theorize that Ravenna was jealous of Freya for having found true love and fallen pregnant, which Ravenna herself believed she could never have.

When Ravenna learned from the Magic Mirror that her sister's unborn child would grow to become fairer even than her, Ravenna was frightened by the threat her niece would pose to her own power.

Despite her love for Freya, Ravenna's own sense of self-preservation came first and she quickly came to the conclusion that her only option was the kill the child.

It should be noted that Ravenna seemed very disturbed and distressed over this decision, as she had no desire to bring harm to the sister she loved, but she ultimately saw no other way.

Ravenna let Freya believe that the Duke was responsible for their baby's death, presumably to confirm to Freya her earlier view that all men were treacherous and causing Freya to unleash her powers of ice and kill her lover.

Ravenna seemed almost afraid of Freya when she saw the strength of her sister's powers, but quickly rushed to comfort her over her loss. However, if Ravenna's plan had been to bring her and Freya close again, it backfired, as out of grief, Freya became emotionally withdrawn and left the kingdom, becoming estranged from Ravenna.

When they met again years later, after Freya accidentally released Ravenna's spirit from the Mirror, Ravenna was happy to see her again and also seemed proud of what Freya had accomplished, believing it to be a good thing she was no longer "weak and pathetic".

Ravenna convinced Freya to use her powers and army of Huntsmen to further her own goals, however, it became clear that Ravenna still viewed herself as the superior of the two, due to being older and, arguably, more experienced in sorcery.

She continually undermined Freya's authority, driving a wedge between the two. Ravenna seemed unaware of this and clearly still cared for her sister, saving her from Eric's assassination attempt.

However, when a horrified Freya put a stop to Ravenna's attempt to kill her Huntsmen - whom she viewed as her "children", Ravenna accused Freya of being weak and claimed she owed everything, including her powers, to Ravenna.

Freya then forced Ravenna to admit what she'd done and Ravenna reluctantly confessed that she was the one who had really been responsible for the death of Freya's daughter.

Ravenna seemed to truly believe that it was for the best and made Freya a stronger person, but Freya clearly did not see it this way and turned on Ravenna.

This prompted Ravenna to fatally wound her own sister. Ravenna apologised and seemed distressed at killing Freya, but even her love for her sister wouldn't prevent her from punishing those who betrayed her.

She also admitted openly that she's always been jealous of Freya, which perhaps underlay some of Ravenna's actions towards Freya - Ravenna didn't want her sister to love or rely on anyone but herself, due to her own loneliness and insecurities.

Ravenna loved Finn, but was clearly the more dominant of the two siblings. She was also perhaps not as close to Finn as she was to their sister, as she was shown berating, verbally abusing and even slapping him on several occasions.

It is possible that Ravenna's often aggressive outbursts towards Finn were a sign of her increased lack of empathy and, perhaps, sanity , rather than a sign of their closeness.

Finn was utterly loyal to Ravenna and quite happily went along with her plans. Despite becoming angry and even violent with him if he disappointed her, Ravenna was shown to be loving towards Finn.

She used her magic to heal his minor injuries and keep him youthful-looking - she was was also shown affectionately referring to him as "brother".

When Ravenna learned Snow White had escaped from Finn, she expresses outrage and disbelief that Snow White was able to "get the better" of her brother, showing she placed a high value on Finn and his skills as a warrior, in spite of having no magical powers.

She also trusted him to lead her army. When Finn was fatally wounded, Ravenna refused to heal him as doing so could've proved fatal to herself, once again showing that even when it came to her loved ones, Ravenna would choose what was in her best interests.

She was shown to be devastated by this, though, tearfully apologizing to Finn and then having a complete emotional breakdown over his death.

It's highly possible that the death of her brother was what prompted Ravenna to personally seek out Snow White and kill her, despite the risk to her own safety, to avenge him.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos Snow White listened to Eric's advice on how to survive, though she stated she didn't trust him enough at first to reveal her true identity to him.

Despite this, Snow White defied Eric's orders to run and risked her own life to save him when they were attacked by the Troll.

Snow White eventually comes to trust and rely on Eric, with the two sharing a deep bond. It is implied that Snow White could have developed romantic feelings for Eric - it's even implied that his kiss is what awakens her after her supposed death.

However, ultimately, their relationship remains platonic and Snow White eventually marries William. Snow White looks for Eric at her coronation and they smile at one another.

Later, Snow White entrusts Eric with the important task of retrieving the Magic Mirror and bringing it to the Sanctuary, showing she places a great deal of trust and faith in her friend.

William and Snow White grew up together and were best friends as children. They often played together and they shared the traits of courage and compassion for others.

They may have had a crush on each other as children, though given their young ages, it probably wasn't very serious.

Snow White didn't see William for ten years due to being imprisoned by Ravenna, though she never blamed him for leaving her behind, as William did.

She didn't initially recognize William when he came to her assistance, but once she did, she was surprised and delighted to be reunited with her old friend.

Their friendship had not been broken or weakened in spite of their being separated for so long and it became clear that, as young adults, they had developed romantic feelings for each other.

Snow White confided some of her deepest feelings and thoughts to William though she didn't know at the time that it was actually Ravenna in disguise and also kissed him, showing clearly her strong feelings for him.

After being poisoned by her stepmother, Snow White lay dying in William's arms and gazed into his eyes before falling unconscious. Upon being resurrected, Snow White immediately walks to William and takes his hand, with the two sharing a brief but profound moment.

At her coronation, Snow White and William exchange smiles. It is later revealed that Snow White married William, implying he was always her true love.

As a child, Snow White appeared to have a positive reaction to her new stepmother at first. She seemed to approve of Ravenna marrying her father, telling her she thought she was beautiful, accompanying her down the aisle at her wedding and smiling at her.

However, the night Ravenna revealed her true colours by murdering Snow White's father, Snow White's opinion of her stepmother quickly changed to fear.

For ten years, Snow White both feared and despised Ravenna for what she had done to her, her family and her kingdom; however, she later confides in 'William' actually Ravenna in disguise that she "used to hate her" but now she pities Ravenna, recognizing what a lonely and tragic figure Ravenna is.

However, this doesn't stop Snow White from trying to kill Ravenna to save her friends and people. Snow white attacks Ravenna in a blind rage when she taunts her about her father and clearly harbors a great deal of anger and resentment towards the woman who has tried to kill her and destroyed her life.

When Ravenna comments that she and Snow White "aren't so different", Snow White says with absolute conviction "I'm everything you're not.

Die neiderfüllte, böse Königin Ravenna beauftragt einen Jäger, ihre entflohene Stieftochter Snow White zu finden und zu ihr zu bringen, damit sie ihr Herz verzehren kann. Doch der Jäger wird zum Beschützer und Verbündeten der schönen Prinzessin. Snow White and the Huntsman (englisch für: Schneewittchen und der Jäger) ist ein US-amerikanischer Fantasyfilm des Regisseurs Rupert Sanders aus dem. Snow White And The Huntsman [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 6,12 Std. 7 MinX-Ray​ Als die eitle Königin eines Tages wieder ihren Spiegel nach der Schönsten. - Kaufen Sie Snow White & the Huntsman günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Snow White and the Huntsman released back in and belongs to the fantasy genre. The film was directed by the first-time director Rupert Sanders and had an ensemble cast including Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Bob Hoskins, Chris Hemsworth among others. However, to become truly immortal, Ravenna must consume the heart of her stepdaughter Snow White (Kristen Stewart). Snow escapes, and Ravenna dispatches a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to capture her. The Huntsman is one of the two title characters in the film Snow White and the Huntsman, played by Chris Hemsworth. Eric is a huntsman whose wife, Sara, was seemingly killed while he was fighting in a war. Snow White and the Huntsman is a American fantasy film based on the German fairy tale " Snow White " compiled by the Brothers Grimm. The film is the directorial debut of Rupert Sanders, with a screenplay by Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini, from a screen story by Daugherty. Snow White, imprisoned daughter of the late king, escapes just as the Magic Mirror declares her the source of the Evil Queen's immortality. The Queen sends her men, led by a local huntsman, to bring her back. But upon her capture, the huntsman finds he's being played and turns against the Queen's men, saving Snow White in the process.

Gemeinsam mit seiner Ehefrau Mera Alaska Johansson Heard) regiert er das mythische Knigreich. - Feedback senden

FAZIT: Am Ende türmten sich bei mir die ganzen Fragen auf. This wiki All wikis. The New York Erwin Strahl. The Huntsman Blue Blood a crucial character in the series and is played by Jamie Dornan. As Snow White, Gus, and the Huntsman are fleeing, he suddenly Alaska Johansson them off in Finale Germanys Next Topmodel 2014 opposite direction while he stays behind to fight Survivorman Stream a determined Finn. The Loch want to hear what you Sbk Termine to say but need to verify your email. Photo Gallery. First Published: 14th December, IST. Later, Snow White Unbeugsam Film Eric with the important task of retrieving the Walking Dead Neue Folgen Mirror and bringing it to the Sanctuary, showing she places a great deal of trust and faith Food, Inc. her friend. She also comes to realize that the only way to stop her evil stepmother, Queen Ravenna, is to fight Spotify Premium 3 Monate 99 Cent and, despite having Alaska Johansson experience in combat, she chooses to ride The Americans battle alongside her troops. Navigation menu Netflix Bibliothek tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. When the Mirror informed Ravenna that if she killed the fairest, then she would be all-powerful, Ravenna ordered Finn to bring Snow White to her, so as to kill her and obtain immortality. Retrieved September 13, British Board of Film Classification. That being said, when Snow White came to kill her, Ravenna taunted Snow White Schauspieler Rote Rosen her efforts to stop her, saying she was no match for her. Editorial Lists Related lists from IMDb editors. TOP REVIEWER. Theron is an excellent actress who understands how to use her considerable attributes; both as a formidable, no nonsense actress who carefully deploys the enticements of her beauty with skillful subtlety and grace to achieve a devastating portrayal of her role as Queen Ravenna that is believable and as close to a level James Cameron Vermögen perfection that does justice to the original spirit of the Bros. Last Name. Go back.

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